Friday, October 28, 2011

Lovely Miss Heather

This is a mini album I did for my oldest daughter Heather.  You see she does not have any children where my other three children do.  I am always doing a layout of my grandchildren.  So...I found this little album and decided to do pictures of her.  On the cover I placed her initials HRC ( Heather Rene' Cameron) and added "this is the best part of my day card".

The photo on the left is her wearing a hat she bought for my daughter-in-laws baby shower.  We were having a tea party and we needed to wear hats.  The photo on the right I am not sure where she was when this was taken but I love the photo.

The photo on the left was taken when she and her sister were in New York.  It was very cold and the wind was blowing rather hard but I still love the photo.  The photo on the right was taken by Blue Moon Photography.  The lady that took this photo also takes pictures of the stars.  I LOVE this photo!

The picture on the left her hair was dyed darker (for it is normally a dark ash blonde).  The photo on the right was taken again by Blue Moom Photographer.  This photo I really, really love.  I like the fact she was sitting in a round swing with flowers.

The photo on the left she is dancing with a gentlemen at a party.  She is giving the person taking the picture a smack with her lips.  The picture on the right was also taken at a party but I am not sure where she was at.  She belongs to Junior League and it most likely was an event that she was attending.

I used various papers and embellies that I have in my stash.  Sorry... I wish I knew who all made them.

Thanks for looking!!

Hugs - Ginger


  1. LOL! You get in big trouble if Troy see's you posted my nudies online... SHAME!!! But i don't care, cause I LOOK GOOD!!! Thanks Mama!!!

  2. Awwww.....Miss Heather looks so much like her beautiful mom! AWESOME MINI ALBUM, Ginger!

  3. I bet she is going to love this mini! :)