Friday, April 22, 2011


This mini album was a project for The Crafty Scrapper which I am on the design team.  They gave me this beautiful paper "Timepiece" by Bo Bunny and I knew immediately that I needed to do this for my grandmother who is 98.  I first cut all the papers for each page and then I added Chestnut Roan ink to the outside.  I then decided to add a picture of her mother and her on the first page.  I added lace and pearls and then added Prima flower to give the old look.

On these two pages I did the same as above, added the papers and Chestnut Roan Ink.  I then sized the photo which is where my grandmother was born, Whitehouse, Texas on August 30, 1912.  On the left side I added a note about my grandmother.  The tabs I decided to add the year which the photo was taken.  I then added lace and Prima flowers.

The photo on the left is her mother and father Bessie and Henry Amsden.  My grandmother really loved them and she misses them daily.  The photo on the right is her older brothers Bill and Frank.  She had a brother born after her but he died when he was almost 2 years old.   Again, the same for these two pages, paper, ink and Prima flower and a few items that I happened to have on hand.

The photo on the left is her at age four and the one of the right is one of my all time favorite photos of her.  I really love these two photos more than I can really tell you.  I did the same with these two pages, paper, inked, Prima flowers, lace, and the rest I took from my stock at home.

The photo on the left I had to get from my grandmother.  It is her and my grandfather when they got married on March 31, 1928.  She was just 15!!  On the right is a photo of them in the 1950's.  I am not sure of the exact date but I know it was in the '50's.

The photo on the left is 4 generations.  On the top right is her parents Bessie and Henry with my grandmother and grandfather on the left, plus my dad and my younger sister Sally and myself.  This photo was taken during the '50's at Christmas Time.  The little photo on the right is my grandmother and my mom taken in the '50's as well.

The photo on the left is 5 generations.  My great grandmother, my grandmother, my mom, and then me and my first born child, Heather.  This was taken in 1973.  I had another child in 1976 and my great grandmother died in Oct. 1977.  She was born in 1886.  Wow!!!  I am so lucky to have known her for I was 26 years old when she passed away.  On the right is a picture of my grandparents during 1978.  My grandfather passed away in Nov. 1986.   At that time I had 4 children.  It was a very sad day for me and my family.

The photo on the left is my mom and "Nenny" as we call her.  This photo was taken by my grandson Logan in 2005.  He did an excellent job photographing these two ladies.  My grandson was only 6 years old then.  The photo on the right is my grandmother today.  She is 98 and she looks so well.  She still drives, cooks, sews, and will take care of all of us when needed.  She is such a delight and I pray that I may live as long as she and that my health is in good shape.  We pray each day that she will see her birthday again this year in August and for several more years after that. 

Thank you so much for looking at this heritage album that I created.  I really took alot of pride in working on this project. 

Please take a look at all the beautiful layouts, albums, cards, etc. at The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie, Texas.

Hugs - Ginger


  1. Ginger, Your "Louise" album is beautiful on your blog.....but not nearly as beautiful as it is IRL. I know that Nenny will be so proud of this GORGEOUS TREASURE that you have created for her.

  2. Ginger I came just to say congrats for the amazing and beautiful work you made on this album!!

  3. WHat a treasure! Great album, nice blog. BEST wishes to your grandmother for her upcoming birthday!

  4. Sweet Jesus! Finally a picture of me somewhere on here! I like the pic of Nenny & Grand Daddy when they are standing on the bridge with the old car in the background - so, give it to me! Thanks and bye!

  5. Wow Ginger.....This is really beautiful. I'm sure your grandmother will treasure this. Your blog is lovely.

  6. wow love this great album and love your blog!