Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Friends Fur-ever & Going On An Egg Hunt

Well it has been awhile since I have been here on my blog.  I had a stroke...well actually two strokes within 24 hours.  I woke up and could not speak, move my right arm and my hand was curled up, plus my right leg was very wobbly!  As you can imagine I was very shock but quickly started doing exercise later that day.  The next day I was talking and could move my hand slightly.  On the second day the rehab had me walking and to my surprise I did very well.  Within 5 days I was moved to a rehabilitation center and was there for a week.  By that time I was talking, moving my arm and hand, and walking throughout the building.  I can write my name but writing a long sentence or paragraph my writing is beginning to be rather small and hard to read.  I am doing much better now but going to out patient rehab.  Things are looking much better.  My bad cholesterol was 185  and I had a lot of stress.   I have had to give up many things and now I am concentrating on taking care of myself and my husband.

Now on to these layouts.  I did these for The Crafty Scrapper in February and was to post them in March.  Well that did not happen.  So I am showing several layouts that I did for the design team.  This first one is my grandson Logan with his new and cute dog Stony.

Stoney has grown since this picture but he is still a puppy!  I used Bo Bunny Safari Beast Paper, Safari Kingdom Paper, Safari Habitat Paper, Safari Palms Paper and Safari Corrugated Paper.  I also used modeling paste, lots of flowers, punch cutter, etc.

 Please see the following close ups!

I hope you like this one for it is one of my favorites!  Please visit The Crafty Scrapper and you may see this layout there.  On the back is a list of all the items I used.

This layout is called Going On An Egg Hunt.  I used the beautiful paper from Authentique Treasure Collection.  This is my grandson Colby getting ready to hunt for eggs.  He is wearing his cowboy hat, stripe shirt, pull-ups, cowboy boots (on the wrong feet) and holding his Easter bucket.

Here are some close-ups!

Thanks for looking!

Hugs – Ginger


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