Friday, December 12, 2014

Snowflakes & Stars

Hello All!  I was asked to create something by using Smoothfoam.  I was given 3 snowflakes and two stars.  Honestly I just stared at them for awhile wondering what I may do with them.  Well...after over 24 hours I finally knew what needed to be done!

This is the largest snowflake.  I used beautiful paper and placed on the snowflake.  I found a sweet ornament and used lots of ribbon, flowers, bells, and other Christmas items.   I also used LOTS of glue.  I also found a ribbon that was silver with silver dots all over!

Here is a closer look!

Next I used the two smaller snowflakes.  This time I decided to add the smaller one at the bottom of the snowflake and just let it rather dangle!  I used pretty blue paper and used various Christmas ornaments and flowers plus rick rack. 

Last but not least are the two stars.  I used burlap paper on the largest star and American flag paper on the smaller one.  I then glued the smaller star onto the larger one.  I added 3 Christmas ornaments that are rather western or I call County!  LOL  I then added lots of other Christmas decorations.  

Here are some close ups!

Thank you for looking and please visit The Crafty Scrapper!  You will see these items in their front store window.  I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

Hugs – Ginger

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