Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our Adventure

I decided to use this photo of my husband Eddie and me for this layout.  It is a color scheme from CSI Color Stories Inspiration.  I love their challenges each week but many times life just takes me away for a week or two.   

 Here is CSI Challenges:

I used dark red, beige, tan, dark brown, and a grayish green.  For the evidence I used polka dots, wet medium, curves, anchor, and wood grain paper.  The testimony I used the word Adventure in my letter that I wrote which is written on the tag.

Here are some close ups:

I love this challenge for it brought back memories of Eddie and me since we were married.

This is what was written on the tag:

Our adventure began with “I Do” on June 5, 1970.  I was just 19 and Eddie was 21.  We met when I was a junior in High School and he was a Freshman at University of Texas in Arlington.  We married when he was a senior which left him one more year to graduate.  It was also a time of the Vietnam War.  We made it through the times with one car and we were both working.  I became pregnant with our first child Heather who was born March 7, 1973.  Mandy followed on June 20, 1976 which happened to be Father’s Day.  Five years went by and we had our son Ryan on June 12, 1981 and Christopher on June 25, 1983.  Our family was complete.  Eddie had a good job and I was a stay at home mom.  Once our family all moved onward in their life we were left in a large home so we down sized.  We are still living in this home which I find very peaceful!  We now have 4 grandchildren….Logan, Kenzie, Paityn, and Colby.  I love each and every one of these beautiful kids.  We have had our bad times and plenty of good times.  But through it all we still have one thing…the two of us.  Thank God we were given such a blessing in our lives.  What more could one ask for!  We have friends, family and life is perfect for us.

One day our children may read this and I hope they will understand how proud and happy we are to have had the four of them for your children and we are further blessed with our grandchildren.

Love you all!

Mom and Dad or Nanny and Pawpaw

Thank you for looking!

Hugs – Ginger

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