Saturday, January 4, 2014


These are various canvas' that I made for my children.  It took me about 6 weeks to complete all of these.  There are various layers and techniques that I used.  I used masking tape, stains, gesso, hot glue, mesh tape,  etc. etc.  I used the masking tape first, then added gesso all over the canvas and making thick layers then I let it dry.  I then added various stains using bubble wrap, Saran wrap, or in some I just sprayed with the stains.  Then I let it completely dry.  Afterwards I added more stains, dried that, and then I used various materials to add around the photos.  I also used fiber on many of the canvas'.

Thank you for looking and may you have a wonderful New Year in 2014!!!

Hugs – Ginger

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  1. Oh my goodness! I bet your family was just head over heals with all those gorgeous pieces! Just love all the colors, textures and techniques~all that hard work paid off to create some very amazing memories <3