Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life Is Beautiful

Well, Life is Beautiful.  My granddaughter Kenzie and I were outside today on our deck.  She was in her little swing and it was shady and a slight breeze was blowing!  It is still HOT for it got to 103 today.  However, while we were outside and she in her swing I noticed all the various blooms that was in my yard.  They were so opened and full of life.  I had to take some pictures before they went away.

This sign is hanging outside "Life Is Beautiful". Please see all the flowers!

These flowers are so lovely this time of the year.  I love each and every one of them. Looking at all the lovely flowers gives me a very good feeling of all the beauty in our world.  There are days we seem to see nothing good...but looking at the beauty in my backyard really lets me know just how lucky we are.

This sweet little Angel is from my daughters boyfriend Steve.  His mother passed away 2 years ago and a friend gave his dad, his brother, and Steve this pretty little Angel.  I was asked to please hang on to it because Steve, Mandy, and Logan (Mandy's son) moved to Houston and are living in a very large apartment.  Steve's mother was cremated and this was given to him as a reminder of his mother.  I have it sitting by a pretty plant!  It will be hard to give it back to him for I collect Angels!!!

This is an ugly black bird.  However, I had to take a picture because he does show up everyday.  You see I leave goodies outside for all the birds (food and water).  I did not realize that their black feathers really are a dark blue until I took this photo.  Hum!
I love this old tree.  It is very old and the only tree in our backyard.  It will shade the whole yard (well almost).  We almost lost this tree last year due to the heat.  It is a Silver Maple and it stands so tall and the leaves whistle as the wind blows.  I love to sit around the tree and just listen to all the sounds!  It really give you a sense of peace.

Well, thank you for looking.  It was a very quiet day around here.  It is Sunday so it is very quiet.  I watched a movie "Same Time Next Year".  We actually saw this on Broadway during the '70's.  It was spectacular and then they made this movie which really compliments the play.  The song is so lovely as well and is sung by Johnny Mathis.  Besides watching the movie I ventured outside to take these photos.

Hope you all have a lovely week!
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  1. Such pretty flowers, and I actually like your black bird...handsome color! Do you know what he is called? With that Texas heat it is a good thing you have shade trees. Enjoy the end of summer with those sweet grand kids~